Alternative education options in Jakarta

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There’s a long running belief that knowledge is power. New opportunities have always been carried along with progress and with Jakarta slowly embracing a new chapter, it is inevitable that educational programmes available in Jakarta will also begin to diversify, both in terms of quantity and quality. Where in the past we’ve always relied on formal education channels to make a living, the increase of information flow has made it easier for budding creative entrepreneurs to make a name for themselves.


Even though specialised formal schools are still scarce in the city, a select few Jakartans have made it their mission to spread knowledge and share experience that may not be obtained from regular school subjects. Some educators don’t even have classrooms to begin with. Whether through art or providing a platform for people to learn about new skills, these people realise that knowledge is universal and there’s nothing wrong with going down the path less taken. Because a developed society is one that values the unique skills each person possess, regardless of which field they belong in. Their message is uniform: finding your true calling may require you to go outside of your comfort zone and embrace your passion. This is their story.


Sarita Ibnoe

Tapestry workshop teacher

How did you discover tapestry?

Actually, my interest began on Instagram. I found out that there were a lot of tapestry artists from Australia and the United States. It was self-learning in the beginning. I bought most of my supplies and tools from one of the artists. After getting the necessary tools, I just explored the intricacies of the tapestry world by myself.


What do you think is the main draw in tapestry?

I teach the basics of tapestry and not often do I ever get into the advanced techniques. For me, the basic techniques are the most important. There aren’t a lot of art forms out there where you can fully discover your own characteristic, equipped with only the basics. Because after that, everybody has their own way of developing and exploring their creativity. From the methods to the colours, people differ significantly. Furthermore, some people that I’ve taught have told me that doing tapestry has meditative qualities, meaning it helps them relax and find peace.


What do you hope people will take away after learning tapestry?

When I think back on all the people that have learned tapestry under my tutelage, unfortunately there weren’t many that continued their exploration of the art. Most of the people I’ve met just wanted to try out something new and there’s nothing wrong with that! Patience is a key take-away from learning tapestry because the whole process takes a lot of time, meticulous craftsmanship, and coordination. Perhaps not everybody can allocate a time to dedicate themselves for doing tapestry. On the other hand, those that genuinely fell in love with tapestry are now obsessed with it, because it truly is a beautiful and intricate art form. There are even a few that turned their tapestry into a business.


What are your challenges in teaching tapestry?

I think it’s facing the different types of people that partake in the workshop. I mean, there’s a whole spectrum of people that wants to learn tapestry and they differ in age, gender, social background, to even intention. This is where the main take-away from learning tapestry comes into play, because I have to be patient myself when I’m faced with all these people. I have to learn and adapt to everyone’s needs as best as I can.


What is your main philosophy in teaching?

I actually don’t have a specific philosophy in teaching. If you want to determine one, I guess my main goal is for everyone who I teach can create their own tapestry works at the end of the day. Like I said before, I want to adapt to different people’s approach and point of views. I just want everybody to succeed.



Fika Julia

Shibori workshop teacher

What is shibori and how did you get into it in the first place?

Shibori is basically a Japanese tie-dye technique. Different to the Western tie-dye techniques, there’s a wider variety of methods to create the beautiful patterns. I was curious in the beginning. I’ve always been fixated on cloth patterns and that’s when I discovered shibori. I was surprised because such simple techniques of tying cloth can produce patterns that are out of this world.


What got you into teaching?

I was offered by a friend of mine. I didn’t know what to expect because back then, I’ve only read about shibori, but then I became hooked! Turns out it’s very fun and exciting. I just love sharing knowledge and discussing with others about the techniques and colour patterns. Being a life-long creative person, I think teaching also grants me some degree of self-gratification because it’s one of the few instances when I feel that art is truly appreciated.


What is your main philosophy in teaching?

I think many would tell you that I’d be the last person they’d associate with being fierce or intimidating. So we can eliminate that train of thought from the narrative. However, I do prefer it that those I teach to follow my instructions clearly because in the world of shibori and even textile production, one small misstep can lead to disastrous results.


Why do you think people want to learn about tie-dye or shibori?

I think it’s also related to curiosity, just like I was when I first discovered it. It’s such a wonder that once you learn the basics, you can create eye-catching patterns by yourself at home. I think that’s what drove a lot of people to learn about this technique.


What do you hope your students will get out of learning about shibori?

I hope their curiosity will grow even more and explore other forms of DIY art. I think shibori is a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn a new arts and crafts skill.


What are your challenges in teaching shibori?

Let’s start from the most basic challenge. On a personal level, I’m sometimes afraid that I don’t give instructions clearly so that people don’t understand what I’m teaching. Because I do have to admit, some of the techniques require trial and error. Other than that, there’s always the matter of diversity in terms of their backgrounds. I’ve had college students to housewives attending my classes.


In your own words, what do you think are people’s opinions towards non-conventional education channels such as yours?

I think the Indonesian culture is still adapting to the slew of workshops and specific classes that are sprouting up here and there. People are starting to embrace it fully. I often take time after classes to talk with the participants and they tell me that they appreciate my efforts and thankful that classes such as this exists. They would sometimes be amazed as well because they’ve never thought that teaching shibori can actually be a profession.



Dila Hadju

Edcuation outreach manager at LeafPlus

Care to explain what LeafPlus is?

It’s basically a communications agency that’s focused on environmental and sustainable issues. It’s kind of like a PR firm, but not only we do consulting, we also have our own products. We conduct a lot of workshops as part of our education outreach programs. Occasionally we work with university students but more often than not we work mostly with elementary school students.


How has your experience in educating kids about environmental issues been?

It’s great! It’s fulfilling yet it can be challenging at times especially when you’re dealing with kids. Nowadays kids can access a whole catalogue of information from the internet and they digest a lot of what the media puts out. I guess now we can’t keep treating them as kids, because you’d be surprised at how much they already know.


What motivated you to educate people in the beginning?

It might sound cheesy, but when I was younger I’ve always had a passion towards environmental issues. When I graduated from university I ended up being a school teacher, coupled with my interest in the environment and my communications background, I thought why not combine both?


What is your main philosophy in teaching?

I’ve had this belief that Indonesia’s education system is very unidirectional and it’s not helping anyone. So I figured based on my experience, I would try to implement the opposite: interactive teaching. I feel that people are more motivated when their emotions are piqued. I think a lot of young people are constantly looking for external validation and therefore that’s what we try to do. We appeal to their wishes to be known and be apparent in front of the public, and make learning about the environment as something “cool.”


What are the challenges you face in educating people?

Like I briefly touched before, a lot of people still don’t consider environmental issues to be hip or trendy. Some may say that people just don’t care, but I think that’s not the case. I think people do care but they’re not properly educated or made aware of the issues we are facing. From companies’ perspective, there has been a lack of understanding on the values of these social businesses especially in Indonesia, whereas in Europe or the United States, people will jump all over these types of educational programmes. A lot of companies in Indonesia don’t see the brand value for the activities we offer.


What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that more and more companies and individuals alike will join the cause. I hope more people will care about environmental issues. Because in the beginning we struggled to find our footing and a steady interest from the public. In an ideal world, everybody will see value in learning about non-conventional subjects. I think a lot of teachers know about environmental education, but they’re not well-versed in how to execute the teaching well. Going forward, I hope they’ll be able accommodate interactive teaching, which is more suitable when it comes to teaching about these subjects.



Nicoline Patricia

Photography teacher

How did you get into photography?

It has always been a hobby of mine. In the beginning I had a lot of time to explore with a Nikon F2, which was also my first camera. I guess everything has its own natural course and I ended up being so passionate about photography. The rest is history as they say.


What motivates you to teach?

I started teaching out of curiosity. Afterwards, I found out that I can learn more by teaching. That would be my first motivation. Second, it’s apparent I turned my passion into work and it keeps me going when I see students that have that same fire as I did in the beginning. I guess you can say that I’m motivated by passion. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What do you think is the essence of photography?

It’s different for everyone I think. I’ve spent more than a decade in the photography world and I can’t think of doing anything else. For me photography is an extension of my life, I can’t imagine it without photography. It’s a medium right? Some other people write, some others paint, or cook, for me it’s taking pictures. So when you ask what I think is the essence of photography, the answer would be it’s an inseparable part of my life.


What is your main philosophy in teaching?

I teach around six or eight classes that range from basic lessons to the more advanced. It’s interesting for me to see that every person’s approach is different. I try to emphasise on personal development that’s unique to each person’s characteristics. Every person has their own style and I don’t’ want to force my beliefs on someone. Aside from that, I also heavily emphasis on the business side of photography as well as the ethics.


What are the challenges you face?

I think it’s worth noting that I’m not alone in teaching photography. Because some of us who teach –me included- are working professionals, it’s sometimes hard synchronising everybody’s schedule in a way that will allow us to get together and teach a class. Occasionally I or another person would get assignments outside of the city and we’re forced to reschedule the class. I’d feel bad for the kids.


What is your opinion on the creative industry in Indonesia?

I think people should know that we don’t do this for the money. We teach for the sheer joy of sharing knowledge with others. When I first started, a lot of people were sceptical about creating a profession that some would categorise as non-conventional. But nowadays, the need for those who are in the creative field has skyrocketed. I think the future is pretty bright people like us.


What do you hope your students will take away after learning about photography?

We always tell them from the start that we can’t promise them anything when it comes to their future stature in the photography world. This is not an instant way to become a top photographer. It’s just a key and students have to open the door by themselves. You’re given a map with the lay of the land and there are no shortcuts. We like following all the graduates say on Instagram and follow their progress even once they’ve finished their course with us. There’s a certain satisfaction when you see someone vastly improve after spending so much time with them.



Haryoadiputro Soenggono

Ceramics teacher

How did you end up teaching ceramics?

Ever since I was little, I’ve always been a craftsperson. I enjoy creating objects, regardless of the material. As luck would have it, I met numerous people in the past who have known me to be a craftsman. They see my ceramic works and they became curious to the process of creating ceramics. That’s when they requested if I could teach some of them the basics of ceramic-making. Without much thought I agreed and taught them exactly that. And I guess I haven’t looked back since.


What motivates you to teach?

At my core, I enjoy sharing knowledge and stories about ceramics. There’s an inimitable feeling that I get when I talk with other like-minded people about this craft. Whether it’s about the utilisation of ceramics, the intricacies, or the different approaches when creating a bowl, there are endless things that we can talk about. And of course, I will also learn something new almost every time I talk with someone. Even though people consider me to be their teacher, that does not mean I know everything. In a way I’m still a student because knowledge can’t be limited to someone’s title.


Why do you think people want to learn about ceramics?

I can think up of numerous reasons, perhaps too many to explain one by one. I think the main reason of why people should learn is that the process is actually very exciting and enjoyable. I think most people who have tried making ceramics will say that they grew fond of this art form from the early stages. Furthermore, it could also be someone’s hobby and I think hobbies are important in life because it adds balance to an already hectic life.


What is your main philosophy when teaching?

I’ve adapted a horizontal structure in my classes, meaning that we’re all here to learn. I don’t like to think of myself as their teacher because like I’ve said before, I’m still learning new things. We’re all teachers here because the amount of knowledge we have differs greatly and someone could be considered a teacher if they share their knowledge, regardless of subject.


What are the challenges you face in teaching ceramics?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think there are much challenges in teaching this subject. Even if there are, I wouldn’t consider them to be something that hinders my progress or those that are still learning.



What are your hopes for the future?

I have hopes that the younger generation will take a liking to ceramics and they can enjoy it as much as I do. When you look at it, the education system in Indonesia is focused too much on grades and good marks. I think if we’re boxed in with that notion, it would be hard for people to appreciate non-conventional and informal education channels that teaches art. We don’t give out grades when we’re creating ceramics and it might be difficult for some to find a sense of gratification. In reality, you’re already getting something more valuable than marks or grades when creating art: you learn a skill.



Ivan Aditya and Steven

Co-founders of

Can you explain a bit what Lideo is?

Ivan: Lideo is basically a platform for people who have internet to learn new things through tutorial and educational videos. Different to formal education channels, we focus on applied skills such as handicrafts, photography, to even digital marketing.


Steven: We wanted to bring together teachers and students from all walks of life. If previously you can’t have access to specific classes, we’re hoping that through Lideo you can now watch in-depth lessons on a subject you’re curious about.


What motivates you in bringing education to as many people as possible?

Ivan: I had experience in teaching at offline workshops before. From teacher’s perspective, offline workshops are quite tiring. The space of the classrooms are limited and it takes a lot of energy to explain the subjects. Personally I wanted to share knowledge with more than just a classroom’s worth, not confined to a certain space, and at any time of the day.


Steven: If Ivan’s motivation comes from a teacher’s perspective, my personal motivation is driven by the realisation that there’s an actual need for these kinds of platforms. When people come to workshops –unless specifically stated, more likely the lessons being taught are at a basic level and it would require more time and cost to teach advanced lessons. Basically I’m motivated to bring the audience an effortless experience when they want to learn a specific skill.


What do you think are the main challenges for offline educators?

Ivan: As an educator myself, I feel the varying degree of proficiency in a class can be quite the challenge. Sometimes when I do offline workshops people who are experts and complete novices will show up. It makes it hard for me to truly hone in on which key points to explain about.


Steven: I think offline workshops don’t have the luxury of being a one-on-one class. I think that hinders a person’s ability to learn something because you can’t really repeat the lesson once it’s over. I also think offline channels are limited by time, because at the end of the day the teachers do get paid and that all depends on how long he or she teaches. And for me that’s a major constraint.


Why do you think education outside of the classroom is important?

Ivan: I think non-formal workshops have the privilege of being able to talk about the specifics of an applied skill without much interference from other subjects. This was actually a part of our vision in creating Lideo. I feel that when people take part in workshops, they can immediately practise what they have learned. Therefore if done properly, workshops can also help make a living for a lot of people.


Steven: When it comes to the real life outside of the classroom, it all boils down to a person’s skill and proficiency. Speaking in the realm of the professional world, I think our self-valuation will increase when you possess more skills. I think education outside of the classroom fills an important gap that’s left behind by most formal schools, such as branding, marketing, and finance especially if someone wants to become an entrepreneur.


What is your vision for the future?

Ivan: I want to bridge the skill gap. Similar to what Steven said, we want to offer certain skills that will only enhance a person’s capabilities that complements their professional career. I hear about layoffs from big companies all the time and I often think to myself why don’t they try entrepreneurship? Ultimately, I hope we can upgrade the overall human resource in Indonesia.


Steven: I envision Lideo to be a conduit that connects teachers with students. Not just on one subject, but a wide variety that covers everything a person can ever dream of. I guess if you want to craft a sentence that best summarises our vision, it would be “the educational solution for everyone.”


What do you hope people will take away from their experience with Lideo?

Ivan: I actually hope that some of the students will return the favour and teach in the future. Who knows that someone might find their true calling as they’re learning about a certain subject? When you learn enough I think the next step to further your knowledge is to share whatever information has been passed down to you.


Steven: I’m actually responsible for creating around 80% of the videos we currently have on Lideo. So that gives me a lot of exposure on different teachers’ methods and knowledge. It enabled me to understand many subjects that are out of my comfort zone and I hope that our audience will too. If required, a person will hopefully be able to carry out a task or create something wholly unique from the information they obtained from learning with all these teachers. Perhaps it can be a stepping stone towards a better future. (HARIO PRIAMBODHO + HANIFAH MUTYA)



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