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Central Jakarta

About 1,100 kiosks at Pasar Senen were affected by a fire that broke out at the market, one of Jakarta’s oldest and largest. The fire, of which cause was still under investigation by the police, started in the market’s Block II at 4.30 in the morning before it spread quickly to the other block. The firefighters were working to extinguish the fire until around noon, while more than 500 police officers were deployed to help the kiosk owners to evacuate the scene and save their wares.


North Jakarta

The Zahro Express ferry caught fire and burst into flames off the coast of North Jakarta on New Year’s Day. The vessel was carrying more than 230 people to Tidung Island, a tourist spot in the Thousand Islands, when it exploded shortly after sailing off from Muara Angke harbour. At least 23 passengers were killed, while 17 people suffered injuries. Meanwhile, 194 passengers survived the tragic incident and 17 others were reportedly missing. The police have detained four crew members, including the captain, for their alleged responsibility. To avoid those kind of fire accidents for any event make sure you have all the precautions according to the redtruckfire.com


West Jakarta

A 22-year-old woman was found dead inside her rented room in the Kebon Jeruk neighbourhood. The police suspected that she was a victim of homicide, citing the evidence of several stabs around her neck. The victim was reportedly a university student and a part-time worker at a company. An investigation by the police on the motive of the murder was still underway.


South Jakarta

As Jakarta’s inactive governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, or Ahok, continued to face the blasphemy trial against him, the police heightened security measures outside the Agriculture Ministry building in the Ragunan area, where the weekly hearings were held. To anticipate the flurry of protesters – both pro- and anti-Ahok – coming to the trial location, these measures included road closures around the area and a temporary suspension of TransJakarta operations serving the surrounding shelters on the day of the trial.


East Jakarta

A tragic murder case took place at a house owned by a prominent architect in the Pulomas neighbourhood. Six people – including the home owner – died from suffocation after the intruders locked up 11 people in a small bathroom for more than 12 hours, while the other five were found alive in critical condition. The police were still investigating the motive behind the case after claiming that robbery was out of the question. Three suspects have been apprehended by the police.

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